Bee Alive Crafters Round Table 
Third Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.
For more information contact- 
               Chairperson: Iris Ann Francis
               Vice Chairperson: Signa Johnson
               Secretary: Darlene Aird
               Treasurer: Leslie Doyle
To promote fellowship while being creative. Forming community relationships with our non-profit organizations.

Books & Letters Round Table 

Third Thursday at 11:30am

For more information contact- 

               Chairperson: Sandra Whittaker

               Vice Chairperson: Patricia Landacre

               Secretary: Elaine Staller

               Treasurer: Marsha Metz

To join in quest of pleasurable knowledge through reading good books. The pursuit of culture and diversion. 

Fiesta/Newcomers Round Table

Third Wednesday at 11:30am 

For more information contact- 

               Chairperson: Patti Villareal

               Vice Chairperson: Cheryl Conway

               Secretary: Vacant

               Treasurer: Marvinette Smith

This round table is for all New Members and any others who wish to join us. 

Friendship Round Table- Friends are Life's Treasures 

Second Tuesday at 11:30am 

For more information contact-

               Chairperson: Kathy Littlefield

               Vice Chairperson: Betty Lewandowski

               Secretary:  Vacant

               Treasurer: Helen Henderson

Get the most out of your membership and join one or all of the round tables we offer. Round tables are like clubs within The Woman's Club. Round tables generally meet monthly for lunch and discussion of some kind. They also organize projects for The Woman's Club. This is the best way to get to know your fellow members! 

Bridge Round Table- For the Love of the Game! 

Fourth Friday at 10:00am 

For more information contact- 

               Chairperson: Karen Fee

               Vice Chairman: 

               Secretary: Kim Rees

               Treasurer: Kathy Littlefield

Carousel Round Table- Fun, Fellowship & Food 

Second Monday at 11:00am

For more information contact-

               Chairperson: Lynn Thompson

               Vice Chairperson: Elaine Wood

                Secretary: Mickey Tovar

                Treasurer: Sandra Baskin


Ingenue Round Table - Develop Fine Aspects of Femininity

For more information contact- 

               Chairman/Advisor: Julie Alexander-Shacklett 

               Vice-Chairman/Advisor: Kathy Littlefield

               Treasurers: Johanna Christiansen and Blanca Welborn

Specifically for the daughters and granddaughters of our members. 

Fine Arts Round Table- Celebrating all Aspects of Fine Arts 

Fourth Monday at 11:30am

For more information contact- 

              Chairperson: Sandra Ojeda-Medina

              Vice Chairperson: Helen Jones

              Secretary: Virginia Van Cleave

              Treasurer:  Helen Henderson

Member Round Tables 


Noontide Round Table - World News and Current Events

Second Thursday at 11:30am

For more information contact- 

               Chairperson: Angela Pfeiffer

               Vice Chairperson: Kim Rees

               Secretary: Darlene Aird

               Treasurer:  Gloria Tate

The American Home & Garden Round Table

Second Wednesday at 11:30am 

For more information contact- 

               Chairperson:  Marsha Metz

               Vice Chairperson:  Janet James

               Secretary:  Rosemary Reyna-Sanchez

               Treasurer:  Jamie Whitfield

Home - the bit of earth supremely blest, a dearer, sweeter place than all the rest. To enjoy the beauty of nature around us. 

Soiree Round Table - Fun, Fellowship and Food

Third Tuesday at 6:30pm at The Barn Door Restaurant

For more information contact- 

               Chairperson: Sandra Bradley

               Vice Chairman: Kim Reese

               Treasurer:  Jean French

​               Communications: Johanna Christiansen

Modernist Round Table- As Traditional as Yesterday and as Modern as Tomorrow 

Fourth Tuesday at 11:30am

For more information contact- 

               Chairperson: Connie Linville

               Vice Chairperson: Sandra Whittaker

               Secretary: Helen Henderson

               Treasurer: Kathy Littlefield


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